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My Hero ʻҹͧԴԡ
Newest Men Spa In Bangkok
Place : My Hero
Date : All Time
Tel : 063-869-4999
  My Hero

ʻдѺ High end ͧش 㹫آԷ 11 Դҧ繷ҧ ѹ 4 ѹҤ 59 ԭʤѧ µسͧ Ѵ ͧͧѡԡ 063-869-4999

“My Hero” brand new luxury men spa in Bangkok, location at Sukhumvit Soi 11 will open officially on 4th December 2016, Come experience the luxury of your own self. For Reservation call: 063-869-4999.

ô س 礔
DOOK Staxs Birthday Party
Place : Stax Karaoke
Date : 11 January 2017
Tel : 089-894-6091
  Stax Karaoke

͡㹫»дԾѷ 20 ѴҹѹѹԴ ͧҹ “س ” ׹ѹ 11 Ҥ 60 㹧ҹԨҡºǷ ᨡͧҧ⪤ Դ´¡¾ ͺ´ 089-894-6091

Stax Karaoke Soi Prsdiphat 20, will have a party for manager “Khun Dook” on 11 January 2017. Show and prizes for lucky customers. More information call 089-894-6091

л鹫 ʻҹҸ
The Prince Spa&Massage Club
Place : The Prince
Date : All Time
Tel : 02-679-3355
  The Prince

л鹫 ʻش㨡ҧͧ Ҹë 3 ǹū 6 ˹ йẺ˹ѧͼª鹹 ѡҹҡ 60 ԡͧǴش ҧ ҵҰҹдѺç 5 ֧ 34 ͧǴдѺ VIP ͧѺ١ҡ繵ͧͧ ͺ´ 02-679-3355

The Prince Spa Sathorn, Brand New Luxury Men Spa!! Be Spoiled and Pampered by treating your body, Mind and Soul to the newest luxury men spa, getaway here in Bangkok, Thailand. Well Designed 34 VIP Rooms, Great Facilities, Peaceful Surroundings, and more then 60 Handsome Masseurs. Leave your day-to-day stress to a true 5 Star Premium Spa Experience. For more information, Please Call 02-679-3355.

йͧ ʡٺ”
New Open! Screwboy Karaoke
Place : Screwboy Karaoke
Date : All Time
Tel : 088-490-1456
  ʡٺ 㹫¾Ѳ쾧 2 ԴԡøáԨ͡Ѻ New Screwboy Karaoke Դԡ ѹͧ ѹ͹֧ Foodland Ѻҹͧѧä褳 ͧŧѺ˹ ͧʡٺ Դԡõ 2 繵 ͨҹ觵֡ Թԡ Դͺ 088-490-1456.

Screwboy Bar, Phat Phong Soi 2, now open new karaoke call Screwboy Karaoke just opposite Foodland super market, you can come for private party and take some of them cutie staff to join your song. Screwboy Karaoke open from 8pm till late night. For more information call: 088-490-1456.

кժǹ ѺҤ 119 ҷ
The Beach RESORT Sauna 119 Baht entrance everyday!
Place : The Beach Sauna
Date : All Time
Tel : 02-392-4783
  The Beach Resort ǹҹͧѹ ժ§ҧǹҹ 15 Ѻ᡹ʹԵ 99 ҷ ءѹءҤǔ ֧Ѩغѹ شҧҹѺҤ ҵФԹ Ҥ 119 ҷ ءѹءҤ ѹ 1 չҤ 59 繵 ͺ 02-392-4783

R3 Sauna, Ratchadapisek, Soi 3, near Fortune Tower, will have it’s “Songkran Festival” on the 12th – 17th April, starting with “Big O-Party” at 8:30pm and “Bubble O-Party” at 2:30 am Tickets 360 Baht, includes food and drink, starting from 7pm till 1 am, for more information call: 02-642-0265.

VCK Cool Space
Bangkok Escort By Male Model
Place : VCK Cool Space
Date : All Time
Tel : 02-279-3322
  VCK Cool Space

繡Ǣͧ V-club 7 Chakran-CK ù VCK Cool Space
Ѻش Hip ش㹡ا෾ ҹ ͡Ẻ Space Ѻ͹ ء Relax §ǹҹǴʻẺ VCK Cool Space շͧԵ ҡث ʵ ǹ ¹ Space Ҵǹѡ͹ Renovate Design ش Hip СѺҷ Hipstar 蹵ҡѺ VCK Longue չẺШӤºԡùǴ ʻسءѹ ѺСѹ㹴ҹسҾ ҹԡ ФдѺẺûʸ ҡ 22!!! Ҥس繹ѡͧ ҡا෾ ͧҴ VCK Cool Space 4 ʶҹö俿 شءþҴ

The incorporation of the V-club 7 and Chakran-CK under VCK Cool Space
Design for all of our friends. It's not just a massage or spa traditional but we have gym. Jacuzzi, Sauna, Stream, Pool areas and the roottop garden.
Excited with VCK longue for handsome model masseur every days, we garantee the quality of the best service more than 22 years!!
If you are a visitor to Bangkok should not to be miss "VCK Cool Space" soi Ari 4, Ari BTS Station.

ʻآ 23
Urbanmale on Sukhumvit Soi 23
Place : Urban Male Massage
Date : All Time
Tel : 083-728-6969
  ʶҹԡùǴʹѧ ҹآԷ 23 Ѻ觤ҺٵԤʻ 觾¾ѡҹǴ˹ ҡس͡ ԵѳʻҷҧҹԴ мҹ繷ش ֧ͤ٧ش١ҷءҹ ͺ´ҧ 083-728-6969

Here is one of massage clubs on Sukhumvit Soi 23, Urban Male, serving you in a boutique atmosphere and plenty of young and handsome masseurs. All products here are created by its expertise owner for your satisfaction. Please call 083-728-6969 for further details.